Our Services


Reduction of Expenses
We help Nonprofits leave the unemployment tax system.

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Claims Management
We monitor and manage all unemployment claims submitted by our members.


We provide representation at any hearing in which a member wants to protest a claim


HR Hotline
We offer unlimited access to a dedicated HR hotline that can be used for any HR issue, not just unemployment.


Savings Account
We help your organization establish a savings account so that funds are available in case of higher than expected unemployment claims.


Education Programs
We offer continuing education programs that ensure members' policies are always up to date.


State Audit
We audit the State for accuracy.


Contest a Claim
We contest unemployment claims on our members' behalf.


We provide catastrophic claims insurance for those that want it in case claims are VERY high.


Legal Advice Hotline
We offer complimentary consultations with an attorney who specializes in legal issues facing Nonprofits.


Group Purchasing Program
Membership in a Group Purchasing Program that is specifically designed to provide supplies for Nonprofits.


Workers' Compensation
We can bundle your workers' comp insurance with our unemployment program to save your organization even more money.

Additional Benefits


Why choose The NU Fund?

The single biggest benefit for Nonprofits that become members of The NU Fund is the savings they experience with regards to their unemployment expenses. On average, NU Fund members save 50% annually versus what they previously paid in Unemployment Taxes (SUI/FUTA).

In addition to saving money on their unemployment expenses, NU Fund members enjoy ancillary benefits such as claims management services, representation at unemployment hearings, HR/Legal Advice Hotlines, quarterly audits, HR Continuing Education Credits, a Group Purchasing Plan, Insurance Protection, and an optional Savings Account.

With help from our experienced claims management team and dedicated service providers, The NU Fund continues to fulfill its mission and save Nonprofits money.